Sleek design with powerful performance

The Sub-Zero and Wolf Showroom by Riggs Distributing regularly updates it’s collection of appliances. Among the additions will be a new product released this year: The Wolf Induction Range. This “game changer” combines the sleek design and efficient performance of induction with the precise control and power of the iconic Wolf dual convection range.

“Homeowners are becoming more interested in induction technology and until now haven’t had the option to combine it with the power and precision of the dual convection range,” said Brian Jones, Director of Marketing for Sub-Zero and Wolf. “We created this product as a direct response to the feedback we’re receiving from designers and homeowners, and this launch further underscores Wolf’s commitment to offering an even wider range of quality cooking equipment in more design options.”

Take look at some of the features and benefits of the Wolf Induction Range, and you want to see it for yourself!

 Magic? No, Magnets! 

Induction cooking harnesses the power of magnets, generating heat directly in the cooking vessel rather than the cooktop, to create a precise and efficient control of heat.  Along with the boost feature on the cooktops, water will boil faster and cookware heat more quickly than gas. As the video shows, Wolf Induction allows you to predict delicious results by providing exact and quick heat control on both high a low settings.

The Signature Wolf Dual Convection Oven 

One of the many features of the Induction Range is that is combines the induction cooktop with the Wolf convection oven. With two convection fans that saturate and circulate heat to ensure that food is cooked evenly without hot and cool spots, allowing multi-rack cooking with no rotation necessary. The 10 cooking modes allow for perfecting anything from traditional roasts and pies to pizzas and dried fruits.

Sleek Design to Fit Any Kitchen 

The Wolf Induction Range is available in two sizes, 30″ and 36,” as well as two styles, Transitional and Professional that will fit seamlessly into any design from the most traditional to contemporary.

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