Summer Vegetable Bucatini with Poached Eggs

Bucatini noodles are a spaghetti-like pasta. The distinction comes from the hole running through the center of the noodle.  Buco in Italian means hole, thus giving them their name.. Bucatini!

This fresh dish is perfect for summer with its use of mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, arugula, and spinach. The addition of poached eggs helps to give the dish a bit more substance as well as a nice and creamy texture. Be sure to top with Parmesan to finish!

This recipe needs to go between very hot and milder levels of heat. Using the Wolf Induction or Dual Stack Burner cooktops will allow you to have precise heat control very quickly, making this summer dish a breeze to make.

If you are using the warming drawer, as seen below, you would want to add your poached eggs upon serving.

Click the link for the Summer Vegetable Bucatini with Poached Eggs and enjoy!