Most shopping today begins online. This is especially true for big purchases including cars, televisions and kitchen appliances. The mobile phone has helped this considerably as information is almost immediately accessible anywhere. While it is possible to complete a sale online, even for cars or homes, many people still find the Showroom experience preferable when making a product selection as well as a final purchase.

Shopping for kitchen appliances is a perfect example of this. As stated in a recent article from, “Though e-commerce is growing faster than any other retail sector, brick-and-mortar retailers isn’t extinct; it’s simply a different value proposition in the eyes of the costumer.” While one’s own kitchen appliances are very familiar and are used frequently, purchasing new ones often means both an opportunity to upgrade functionality, quality, design, and style of a major home living space.


In the case of Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances at the Riggs Showroom, the value propositions not only outweigh online-only shopping but also support the initial information gained from online product research. As these appliances are built to perform over the long-term, our Product Consultants want to assure every guest that these remarkable appliances will be the best choice for any kitchen. Making an appointment to visit our showroom adds these benefits to the kitchen shopping experience:

Personalized service

We will work with you one-on-one to show you all of the features and benefits of our appliances. Whether it is specific information about the functionality of a product, its use and care requirements, or specifications for your designer, our consultants will work with you to provide the customized information for your kitchen project.

“Taste Drive” Any appliance

Our staff chefs provide additional proof the superior performance of our products through culinary demonstrations. Additionally, they can answer any cooking or culinary related questions on the performance of our products which is not readily available online.

Collection of Products

Our showroom boasts the largest collection of products in Northern California Need to see different sizes or compare whether a side-door or drop-down door is better for you? Find out in our showroom.

Culinary Classes and Program 

The complete Showroom experience not only provides simply displaying products; the Riggs experience includes providing a resource of culinary education as well as use and care to owners. From our monthly Supper Club and Pour and Tour events through the Cooking class on the Wolf Convection Steam Oven, our culinary program will help you choose the best products for your home and help you master delicious recipes as well.

Complete Care

One’s journey of appliance shopping may begin by picking up our iPhone when we should be going to bed, but we will eventually understand that there is no substitute for the in-depth meaningful learning that can take place at a Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom.

With highly-knowledgeable Showroom Consultants, like Alison Thomas and Elizabeth Andrade, and skilled chefs to boot, the Riggs showroom spotlights the value offered by Sub-Zero and Wolf in a way that a website cannot do. The meaningful difference is in the personal connection offered by long-time employees like Alison Thomas, who celebrated her 10 year anniversary at Riggs this week! Click here to learn more about Alison Thomas.

Taste the results of foods you see demonstrated for you, twist knobs and open doors to feel the difference. Ask the hard questions and get the detailed answers you need to adjust your plan accordingly and enhance your project as you gain more in-depth knowledge of what you like and what is possible.

The Riggs team. We are diverse, talented and here for you.

Our team cares that you are more than satisfied by the end of your visit to our showroom. We are committed to making our time together meaningful and productive, saving you time and energy searching for the answers on your own. Now that is convenient!

Schedule an Appointment to the showroom today and we’ll help you take your ideas from what is probable to what is possible.