In the Sub-Zero | Wolf Culinary Events Center, we are fortunate to have two chefs can highlight the full sensory features of Sub-Zero and Wolf Appliances in culinary appetizers, dishes, and desserts to our guests who visit the Showroom for an appointment, event, or Supper Club. Occasionally, the entire Riggs Distributing team gets to benefit from our chefs’ talents and, as we sit down together at an otherwise typical lunch hour, we are reminded of the joy and importance in sharing delicious food together.


At a recent Riggs Distributing team lunch, this delicious and filling chicken soup showed how quality ingredients create a full-flavored and satisfying meal, without the need for unusual ingredients or special techniques. This recipe will be popular with anyone in your family and all we be returning to the soup pot for seconds.

Our step-by-step pictorial guide and recipe will help you make this soup a welcome addition at any time of year.


Our ingredients, mise en place.


  1. Carrots, Celery, and Onions are added to a heated pan with oil on a Wolf Induction Cooktop.
  2. Garlic is added.
  3. The veggies are cooked (onion is translucent) and ready for the next steps.


  1. Wine is added to the vegetables and cooked until almost completely reduced.
  2. Broth is added (Our chefs used a homemade chicken stock.) followed by the chicken and the pasta.
  3. Herbs are added and the soup is heated to a boil.
  4. Because of our stock, our chef skimmed the foam that accumulated after the soup came to a boil. (This step may not be necessary.)
  5. The soup is ready to be served!


Here is the recipe:

Chicken Soup

Did you try the recipe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!