On a Saturday last May, Julie Evans visited the Sub-Zero and Wolf Showroom in Burlingame, California. The prior weekend she was at her local retailer learning about options for refrigeration and cooking appliances to integrate into her upcoming kitchen remodel, and was drawn to the Wolf cooking demonstration by the aroma of the roasted Mediterranean chicken skewers.


Julie spent the next hour observing and engaging with the Sub-Zero and Wolf chef who was walking visitors through the various functions of the Wolf convection steam oven. Julie had never heard of this product before, and wondered, “why not?” as it sounded like a genie in a bottle for any cook. Fascinated to learn as much as she did about the flexible functionality of the product, Julie began to wonder how she could fit it into her kitchen designs.



When the chef asked what she cooks, how often she entertains, and what she really wants to experience in the kitchen, she began to reconsider what was most important to be included in her new kitchen.

She considered what the convection steam oven offers:

  • No preheat
  • Easy to clean
  • Healthy cooking method
  • Shorter cooking time
  • One-pan meals
  • Rehydrate leftovers
  • Steam + dry heat = variety of options

Seeing the product being used and tasting the results of the food prepared in front of her was compelling her to learn more about Sub-Zero and Wolf. A desire to further engage with the products—experience more live cooking and the results—drove her to visit the Sub-Zero and Wolf Showroom in Burlingame, where she learned more about what distinguishes these premium brands in quality and performance from others.


Visitors to the showroom, Like Julie, come to experience Sub-Zero and Wolf on display—to open and close doors, to press buttons, to hear beeps and dings, to examine lighting, and readjust shelving.

The most gratifying experience we offer is our invitation that we extend to visitors to see, smell, touch and taste the results of food crafted with care in products that make an impact in the lives of families on a daily basis.

What will ultimately convince me that I am ready to decide? Seeing is believing when it comes to learning why Wolf appliances are the best choice for well planned and crafted homes.

To experience Wolf products in a live application and taste the results, visit the Sub-Zero and Wolf Showroom at Riggs. Look at our calendar for a list of cooking experiences offered in various retail locations.