A Q&A with Shae Wilder

A designer recently visited the Riggs Distributing Showroom, and was surprised to see one of our dealership partners here with a client of theirs. The designer thought we were in competition with them, and sold to consumers, instead of knowing that as a distributor, the dealers are our close partners. The Showroom, with Northern California’s largest collection of Sub-Zero, Wolf, and ASKO appliances, was a way for that dealer to show their client all of the possibilities, sizes, and possibilities one has when choosing Sub-Zero and Wolf for their kitchen project. It was this observation that helped us realize and want to share all of the benefits, services, and resources that Riggs provides to the design community in the Trade Partnership Circle.



We spoke with our Trade Manager, Shae Wilder, to answer the questions we receive most from our region’s design community.

Q: What is the Riggs Trade Partnership Circle? 

A: The Trade Partnership Circle (TPC) is our personalized services and resources to support our specifier of designers, architects, builders, and their clients. As Trade manager, think of me as your first contact for specification information, education, and assistance with Sub-Zero, Wolf, and ASKO appliances. Additionally, we have a complete team of Product Specialists, Chefs, and Managers available to help you and your clients receive what is needed to make your projects as stress-free as possible. Collectively we are the best kitchen team.

Q: Can you explain further about the TPC services and resources? 

A: There are a number of ways we build a team of trade partners. These include:

  • Personalized Showroom appointments for you and your clients. Bringing in your clients to speak with us is a perfect way to help finalize the best appliances for your design as well as an opportunity to get to know your clients expectations and needs directly. We can even arrange a small cooking demo with one of our chefs!
  • Office-wide PK or CEU “lunch-and-learns” at your firm about the full line of Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances. We also have culinary team building events available for your firm.
  • Invitations to exclusive culinary classes and events designed for experiencing what distinguishes Sub-Zero, Wolf, and ASKO.
  • Special VIP invites to our popular Supper Club event for you and your clients.
  • Personalized one-on-one meetings with me in your office or our showroom.
  • Special invites to the Weste F. Bakke training center in Madison.
  • Full day hands on designer and architect trainings in Burlingame twice a year.
  • Help with your Sub-Zero and Wolf Kitchen Design Contest entries.


Q: How do I go about becoming part of the Trade Partnership Circle? 

A: It should start with a simple email to me at: shaek@riggsdistributing.com. Let me know you are interested in the TPC and what specific information or programs you would like to utilize. From there, we can schedule an appointment and our services will be available to you whenever you need them.

Q: Anything else we should know? 

A: Riggs also has both an Architect and Kitchen Designer Personal Use and a Trade Specification Programs. The Trade Specification program is like a “thank you for supporting our brands.”

To become a part of the Trade Partnership Circle, email Trade Manager Shae Wilder at:shaek@riggsdistributing.com

Have you used the TPC or attended an event at Riggs? Let us know about it in the comments below!