Wolf Appliance recently debuted a new campaign, “Reclaim the Kitchen,” designed to inspire all of us–anyone who cooks or consumes food (which of course is everyone)–to better understand our choices around food, from selection to preparation and consumption.

The Problem

The most pertinent question is,  “Why does it matter?” It matters to all of us, because cooking and eating together is why the kitchen is the heart the home.

Watch and see what I mean.

“The kitchen, the heart of the home . . . we gathered here, we conversed . . . and we cooked, but then over time we handed over our cooking to someone else.”

The Solution

Turning our attention to our choices come meal time, is part of the goal, but forging the link between what happens (or too often does not happen) in the kitchen is the point worth considering. Facts interspersed in the video spotlights how different our lives have become from our ancestors who spent more time cooking and eating in the home.

“In 1900 we had over 98% of our meals in the home. Today it is less than 50%.”

Cook Together

Wolf pulls together voices of industry experts to weigh in on the conversation Wolf takes up with Reclaim the Kitchen. Kathleen Flinn of Cook Fearless who is dedicated to wanting to “teach the world to cook and give people the confidence to be fearless in the kitchen,” has endorsed Wolf’s new initiative.

“We spend less on food at the grocer, than at any other time in history.”

There are many reasons we don’t cook like we used to, but what are we missing by losing some of those family-focused, kitchen-based traditions that cultivate togetherness? Wolf asks the question while presenting tips for reclaiming the kitchen, and in effect, bringing family together over meals made from fresh foods.

Start with one step–one meal together a week

Plan Your Meals

Tips to Reclaim Your Kitchen at home

1) Make a plan–start with one fresh meal a week and grow the plan from there.

2) Buy fresh and cook while it is fresh–celebrate the goodness of food and embrace this!

3) Cook together–happiness is found along the way, not at the end of the road.

4) Set the table, set a time and enjoy a meal at home.

Reclaim the kitchen for cooking together, sharing together, and eating together. This may just be the best recipe for everyday happiness I have come across in a long time.

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Happy cooking!