Meet Alison Thomas. This week we are celebrating her 10 year anniversary at Riggs with a tribute to the amazing woman that she is!

Alison is one of our two talented Showroom Consultants at Riggs Distributing in Burlingame, California where she supports designers and consumers as they navigate the details and stages of their active kitchen project. In an appointment with Alison, the consumer gains valuable product insights that save time and spare confusion. Alison’s expertise in working with many different people over the years gives her the ability to cut to the heart of what matters most to each person, from hands-on experiences with our chefs, or simply offering the many product insights offered by Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances. Ali is creative and resourceful, which gives her the flexibility that is most valuable as a team player.

She does all this while buzzing around the showroom like a hummingbird or while perched pensively at her desk (even hummingbirds have to rest sometime).

When asked about Alison, her friends and colleagues at Riggs had this to say:

You can always count on her to find the positive in any situation.

I love her distinctive laugh.

Alison is very spirited and candid, and she always has a funny story to tell!

I love that every time I see Ali she is always so happy to see me and greets me with “Well hello there lady!”

I love how outgoing and positive Alison is!  She is always smiling, and goes above and beyond to make sure the people around her are happy and welcome!  Even when she has a bad day, she never shows it!  

We also share an affinity for horror movies!  Her definition of scary and mine greatly differ, but it’s still awesome we share that!

She’s always willing to help and does it with a smile.

She has this infectious laugh that can be heard throughout the office.


This word cloud represents the words used to describe Alison by her colleagues. The words that appear largest were used more frequently than the ones that appear smaller:


If you have an active project and  are interested in learning more about Sub-Zero and Wolf, schedule an appointment with Alison! Click here to learn more.