As any homeowner can relate, remodeling a kitchen can be a stressful and frustrating experience with delays, last minute changes, and literally a construction zone in your home. If I could offer, however, a chance to have your old kitchen and appliances removed, cleanly and professionally, potentially receive thousands in tax savings, and help charities, with a FREE service to you, would you try it? Could there be a better win-win to start your kitchen project?


Renovation Angel, in partnership with Riggs Distributing, Inc. and Sub-Zero and Wolf, provide this service to help luxury kitchen owners recycle their old kitchens completely and provide vital outreach and nationwide recycling in the process. Their video outlines their program and benefits to anyone starting a new kitchen project:


On Renovation Angel’s website, the many benefits of kitchen recycling fall into three categories:


Contacting Renovation Angel is the first step in starting your kitchen project. Simply provide information about your kitchen project and existing kitchen to see if you are eligible for the program. A professional from Renovation Angel will come to your home for a complete inspection, and then a complete overview of the financial upside to recycling. These include:

  • A full tax deduction.
  • Free, professional insured removal/pack/transport of your kitchen.
  • Disposal cost savings.


In addition to creating over $13 million in jobs, Renovation Angel has distributed over $1.9 million for outreach projects and sold over 3,900 kitchens diverting over 20 million pounds from landfills.


In addition to being part of the donation program of Recovery Unlimited, a substance abuse organization, every year, Renovation Angel partners with a charity for their featured outreach. In 2016, their charity partner is FOCUS North America, a national organization working to transform the lives of the homeless and the working poor in America. Proceeds from your old kitchen go directly to these organizations to help people in need.

Financial benefits, charitable giving, helping the environment, and it all starts with providing some information online at the Renovation Angel website. You can always make the choice to incur more fees in the removal and disposal of your old kitchen, but why? It could mean the win-win that your project needs.

Have you used Renovation Angel? Let us know what you think in the comments below? Want to learn even more about the program? Set up an appointment with us to discuss the program and learn more about Sub-Zero, Wolf, and ASKO appliances.