“Insights Into Design” is a Riggs series on local designers highlighting the process, style, and inspiration that drives impactful design. Each post will feature a local designer and their designs to gain an inside perspective into the work and imagination of their kitchen projects. This edition features the designer Carlene Anderson of Carlene Anderson Kitchen Design

Tell us a little about your background. What factors contributed to you becoming a designer? How did you decide to become a designer?

My experience includes a degree in Home Economics, conducting a professional cooking school, and teaching Kitchen Design at Canada College.  I integrated my training and experience in design and cooking to launch my career in residential kitchen design.

What is your process like when you approach new projects? What would you like new clients to know about your design process?

Prior to our initial consultation, clients complete a survey describing their needs, their wants, and their goals.  Clients are provided with an overview of our consulting services and preparation of biddable-buildable plans for their work.  As a designer, my challenge is to plan for efficient function and aesthetic beauty of my clients’ space, reflecting the priorities and values of the owner while honoring the integrity of the dwelling.

How does living in the West Coast affect your design practice and your design thinking?

The West Coast is a most progressive location for good, functional design and affords great access to natural materials, current up-scale product showrooms and talented craftsmen.

Tell us about your 2015-16 Sub-Zero and Wolf KDC entry. How did the addition of Sub-Zero and Wolf enhance the design?

The Sub-Zero and Wolf products enhanced the sleek, functional design of my clients’ contemporary home.  They were a great complement to their professional food distribution business and entertaining.

If you were to give your younger self advice in regards to a career in design, what would it be?

I would spend a year studying design in the country of Japan to appreciate their refined design.

 Tell us something fun about yourself: Any hobbies about with you are passionate? Most recent book that you finished reading? Up next on the Netflix queue?

With a passion to travel, I just completed a two week art workshop in magical Bali.  Having spent a year studying languages in Switzerland and France, I find myself returning to Paris whenever possible.  I am very committed to promoting equality for all.