At the Sub-Zero | Wolf Culinary Events Center and Showroom, we are dedicated to helping people find the best appliances for their latest kitchen project. Often the appliance that piques the most interest and curiosity, but also remains the least understood, is the Wolf Induction Cooktop. Although it looks similar to modern electric cooktop, induction cooktops are much more energy efficient and give you greater and faster temperature control than gas.

Benefits of Induction

When talking about induction there is one concept that will help anyone to understand this remarkable cooking tool: Induction cooktops work by turning the cooking vessel itself into the heat source. This means that when you remove the pan from the induction cooktop, the cooktop itself will not be hot as it was not generating heat like a flame or electric stovetop would. For example, the picture of chocolate on induction below illustrates this concept. Here, because the pan itself is the heat source, the chocolate is being melted in the pan, while the portion over the cooktop is still uncooked. This also shows how much heat control comes with induction. It is generally understood that to safely melt chocolate in a pan, one needs the Wolf True Simmer heat control or a water bath. Induction provides the same sort of control.


In addition, Wolf Induction gives ultra-fast heating for perfect sears and even quicker boils than gas or electric giving you the added benefit of precise heat control with the added safety that electric or gas flame cannot. The black ceramic glass is smooth and easy to clean and also resistant to scratching, staining, impact, and heat.

Ease of Design 


Wolf Induction Cooktops come in both contemporary and transitional styles to coordinate with any kitchen design. A transitional design (shown above) contains a framed feature while the contemporary design (below) has a flush installation for the sleekest look.


How do you use your Wolf Induction Cooktop? Let us know in the comments below!

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