“Coffee is a language in itself.” -Jackie Chan

At the San Francisco Bay Area Sub-Zero and Wolf Showroom  we have a rivalry going. A rivalry over coffee. Our preferred beans are so important, that we are lucky to have two Wolf Coffee Systems ready to make our morning cups. Not only can the Wolf Coffee System make a perfect shot of java using your favorite beans with only the push of a button, it will also look perfect in any style of kitchen.

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Available in Contemporary, Transitional, and Professional styles, making a perfect espresso has never been easier. With the winter months in full swing and many delicious beverage options available, you can make yourself a java expert with a tour of the Wolf Coffee System.

Ever wonder what all the different choices mean on a coffeehouse menu? Now with the touch of a button, and our helpful definitions below, you can become a java expert with your own Wolf Coffee System.

The Stylish Classic: Espresso

Most coffee drinks that you see coffeehouse, with or without Italian names, fall into two general categories: drinks made using espresso and coffee that has been prepared by steeping hot water with ground coffee beans.

An espresso is the classic “shot” of java created by making a “puck” with finely ground coffee beans and running water (steam) through it to create a concentrated and aromatic cup. Press the button for espresso and the system creates the perfect ratio of water/steam to coffee (puck) for a delicious espresso. Any beans can be used to make an espresso and you can easily experiment with various levels of grinds on the Wolf Coffee System by simply turning the knob. Turn the dial near or at 1 for a finer grind (espresso) or near or at 7 for coarser grind (brewed coffee).

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Doppio: Touch the button with two cups of coffee and you can get a double espresso or “doppio” which is the Italian word for “double.” Twice the punch. Twice the taste. One simple button

Espresso drinks with milk

Most other java beverages are simply a combination of an espresso with milk. Add the milk container to the System and now the system is ready to add froth, steamed milk, or both to your espresso. Simply move the switch to your preferred drink, and you are ready to go.

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Cappuccino: A cappuccino is simply an espresso topped with milk foam or froth on top.

Latte Macchiato: Macchiato literally means “stained” in Italian and here refers to steamed milk and foam being “stained” by espresso. A Latte Macchiato differs from a Caffelatte in that it features more foam than hot milk. Optionally a dash of cocoa is usually placed on top.

Caffelatte: The same drink as a “cafe au lait,” and many other terms depending on the country of origin, caffelattes are all about the steamed milk flavored with a shot of espresso. This has the most milk with the smallest amount of foam.

Not satisfied with just these options? It is easy to make many more coffee drinks as they are simply a variation on the drinks listed. Here is just a quick list of things to add and try to match your specific tastes.

Caffe Americano: Also known as a “long black,” caffe americanos have hot water added to the espresso. Depending on how specific you want to be, some consider the long black to be a double shot of espresso with the americano a single shot. With the Wolf Coffee System you can try both. Simply make an espresso then add hot water from the Coffee System.

Cafe Cubano: Just add sugar to your cup before you extract your espresso.

Espresso Romano: An espresso with a slice of lemon (or lemon zest) on the side. Simply rub the lemon along the rim of the cup after you have made your espresso. This helps bring out the natural sweetness of your espresso.

Guillermo: Add small slices of lime to your cup before making your espresso. Some prefer this drink made over ice and with a touch of milk.

Coffee Drinks

Standard coffee is made by brewing hot water with ground coffee beans. While the espresso needs a finer grind because it is pressed into a puck, brewed coffee retains more complexity and flavor with a coarser grind. As with espressos, you can choose the grind of your beans as well as the strength of your brew from extra-mild through, standard, very strong. Then simply choose the volume of drink you would like from a short coffee (smaller) to a long coffee (larger), or, customize your own cup by selecting the exact amount of coffee you would like. The system will remember that when you choose “My Coffee.”

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No matter your mood or taste, the Wolf Coffee System can create artisan coffeehouse style beverages instantly in your home. For a complimentary demonstration, please contact us at Riggs Distributing.

“Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better.” -Justina Chen, North of Beautiful