Recently our Riggs community member, Vivian T., and her husband, made an appointment with us at the Sub-Zero and Wolf Showroom to test how the Wolf Convection Steam Oven would succeed in creating her family-favorite, and time-tested, canapés. In the past, she had always used a traditional oven broiler to complete these appetizers so we decided to use the Wolf Dual Fuel Range to create a taste, or in this case oven, test. 


The Test Begins

Vivian placed her Parmesan and Green Onion Canapés alongside her Clam Puffs on separate pieces of parchment (for easy removal) on two baking sheets: one which went into the pre-heated Wolf Convection Steam Oven at 445 degrees on CONVECTION mode and one into the Wolf Dual Fuel Broiler on Medium. We cooked the canapés for 5 minutes and the Clam Puffs for an additional two.

The Results

Vivian was impressed: perfectly toasted, evenly browned, and terrific, the Wolf Dual Fuel Broiler AND Wolf Convection Steam Oven made perfection of both recipes. We could not see, nor taste any difference between the two. There was one bonus, however, with the Convection Steam Oven. It was easy to simply pop the appetizers on the serving platter back into the CSO on RE-HEAT mode transforming a cooled canapé back to perfection.

Yet another WIN-WIN for Wolf!