riggs-summer-bbq2016The 4th of July holiday was a perfect excuse to gather the Riggs Distributing team for a lunchtime BBQ. In addition to gourmet sides, fruit, sausages, fresh strawberry lemonade, and ginger tea, our chefs had the opportunity to make a classic burger as well some tasty and surprising variations.


Preparing all morning and during the holiday lunch, our chefs grilled non-stop to feed the hard-working Riggs team. The Wolf Outdoor Grill helped predict perfect results as the chefs could assure that the high BTUs of the grill seared and cooked the burgers perfectly while the multiple burners allowed them to keep other foods warm without overcooking. Of course they used some tried and true techniques as well as described in our blog: The Great Burger Debate

Here are the recipes for a great classic burger as well as three variations.

Click on the title for the recipe.

Classic Burger 


This is a classic example of the all-American burger: well seasoned quality beef, melted cheese, lettuce, onion (we opt for pickled onion), and a buttered, toasted bun. Sometimes the simplest version is the best.

Ahi tuna Burger


A delicious alternative to meat burgers, this seared rare Ahi tuna burger gets a double dose of ginger in the patty as well (in pickled form) in the aioli. A pleasantly bitter arugula (or try mizuna) provides a delicious contrast.

Elk Burger with Pork Belly 


Don’t be afraid of using other red meats (like bison, venison, or elk) to make your burgers. All three examples are in many ways healthier than the more popular beef option and you might find you even prefer the flavor! This burger variation gets a complex spicy kick with the addition of Mexican chorizo, which is tamed by the nutty Manchego cheese. The recipe doesn’t add any sauce to this burger because it doesn’t need it, but add mayo or any sauce you would like!

Do you have a favorite burger recipe or variation? Please share it in the comments! Request a visit to the Riggs Distributing Showroom where you can see a Wolf Outdoor Grill as well as the Bay Area’s largest selection of Sub-Zero, Wolf, and ASKO appliances.