Recently the Sub-Zero | Wolf Culinary Events Center hosted local celebrity chef and TV personality Joanne Weir, for a holiday party and to mark the release of her new memoir/cookbook, “Kitchen Gypsy: Recipes and Stories from a Lifelong Romance with Food.” Recipes from the book were served to much applause, but the one that got the most interest and attention happened not only because of a great recipe but because of the Wolf Gourmet blender from which it was served.


No, it was not just the silky puree that is the standard from the blender, but the Soup Mode that not only creates the smoothest purees but also heats the finished soup and maintains the perfect temperature. The Wolf Gourmet Blender saves space and time by finishing and heating the dish in the blender saving space in your kitchen for other items dishes.

This “surprise” feature is not the only use for this incredible multi-tasker. Here are four other uses that will make you a star in the kitchen.

2. Baby Food 


Instead of the many jarred versions with additives, make a fresh puree of fruits and veggies. It takes little time to put cooked (or thawed if using frozen) veggies or fruits in the Wolf Gourmet blender with some water (or try fruit juice if using fruits). Simply blend, and use the soup mode to heat it as well.

3. Pies 


Yes, make pies from your blender. Starting with the crust, perfectly chop your graham crackers or chocolate wafers with a little salt and melted butter, and save on the clean-up that happens when you try to crush them with a rolling pin. Press that into your pie tin, clean your blender, and then make your choice of fillings:

  • Lemon custard or mousse
  • Chocolate mouse, or custard
  • Coconut cream

Finish your pie topped off with whipped cream (get creative by adding flavoring or a little booze) all made in the Wolf Gourmet blender!

4. Nut Butters 


Making your own nut butters with the Wolf Gourmet blender allows you to control the flavor, sugar, and salt contents as well a texture you prefer. In addition, without resorting to expensive costs for small jars of speciality nut butters, you can buy in bulk and make as much as you desire. Ever made hazelnut chocolate chip cookies instead of the peanut butter versions? The possibilities are endless. Also, try making a homemade version of the popular Hazelnut/chocolate spread. You will never want the store bought version again.

5. Smoothies 


I know what you are thinking, what’s surprising about smoothies? The Wolf Gourmet blender has a smoothie mode to perfect whatever combination of ingredients you choose. The smoothie mode uses a series of quick and powerful pulses to properly breakdown your ingredients before blending it into a frothy puree. No more need to stop the blender, and push down the parts that did not blend. The smoothie mode does it all for you.

What are your favorite uses for your blender? Let us know in the comments below?

For more information about Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Wolf Gourmet appliances, and to have your own “test drive” to how they can predict delicious results for your own recipes, make an appointment to visit our showroom.